Switch Club

Earlier this term we were asked if we would support a new Switch club. This is aimed at younger students, particularly those who find busy lunchtimes overwhelming or challenging.
We purchased two switches for the club and let’s just say they have been well received!
Switch club provides a calm and relaxing space where students can make friends, get away from other stresses, feel valued and be themselves.

***Switch club would really like some more controllers and games if anyone has any they could donate***

In the student’s own words, this is the difference this makes…

“Coming to Switch club makes such a difference. I’m actually excited about something”
“It’s a nice place to go and relax with nice support staff and it’s fun”
“It’s something I enjoy with my friends”
“I like coming to Switch club because it’s friendly”
“It is fun playing the games…I love the club”
“I like switch club because the games are fun and it gives me time to relax”
“It means I don’t get in trouble outside”
“It gives me great enjoyment in school”
“It’s nice to come as I normally have nothing to do at lunch and everyone here is so friendly”